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NetSuite -The Employee Who Never Leaves



NetSuite - The Employee Who Never Leaves

Traditional financial accounting tends to work on the principle of individuals performing accurate data entry on systems such as Sage and SAP, or on excel spreadsheets. The reality is that data entry is very easy to get wrong. A study by Marketwatch found that 83% of all spreadsheets have errors.

NetSuite provides a real-time dashboard which integrates all business application software including ERP, CRM, ecommerce and HR in one single system. It enables improved business intelligence as employees spend less time entering data, and more time evaluating results to gain insights.

NetSuite is business management software that is much more collaborative in nature than because it allows sharing of information across departments. Just dealing with the day to day gathering and management of accounting data eats up considerable time and resources within companies. NetSuite is a more powerful ERP business management software solution as it provides a clear, accurate view into finance, sales and service performance at a glance.


Future BI


NetSuite can be very useful when dealing with financial management. There tends to be an acknowledged resident expert in companies, who can sort out the problems that arise with errors in accounting software. If this employee leaves the company, things tend to get a bit chaotic for a while. It’s often because that person was the only one who had a complete handle of their particular area; the one that the other employees went to when they had a question. NetSuite makes this scenario a lot easier to deal with.

Streamlining of Data Allows More Transparency

The streamlining of data allows much more transparency in relation to business information.  The fact that NetSuite is cloud-based business management software means the data can be accessed throughout the organisation, so employees have a single view of the latest information. This built-in business intelligence in NetSuite ensures more targeted marketing and sales.

Using NetSuite will not mean an end to human accounting errors, but it does make it more likely that information can be amended and improved. We are moving away from a fragmented approach to ERP/CRM business management software where numerous separate systems are used, leading to the information being scattered throughout various departments in the organisation. The future of business management software means that all employees have the potential to be the expert, as information and knowledge is shared.

Using NetSuite, companies enable cross-department collaboration, while streamlining business processes and gaining invaluable insights.


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Covali builds a NetSuite and GoodData business for EMEA


When we developed the growth strategy for Covali in 2011 we decided that we wanted to concentrate primarily on high growth areas of technology - so Business Intelligence, Analytics,Big Data and Cloud computing were topics that were very much at the heart of the our discussions on the things we wanted to do.

Covali CloudOur experience with Business Intelligence stretched back to the mid '80's when the technology was known originally as Decision Support Systems (DSS), then Executive Information Systems (EIS) and latterly as 'Analytics' - with names like EPS, Pilot, LightShip and Cognos among the systems we had worked with - so naturally we looked to see where this technology would go in the future. Our more recent past was with QlikView so that was one platform that was an obvious choice for us.

With regard to Business Software, our experience was primarily with Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics NAV, where we had implemented both in many organisations of different size and complexity.

Three years later and I thought I might share some observations on where we are at!

The original business, based on the QlikView Business Intelligence platform, which we brought with us from ProStrategy at the outset has continued to grow and prosper - and still constitutes more than 50% of our business today. We have more than doubled our customer base and we have added significant new cutomers in different industries in the UK and Ireland. We have extended our reach from Retail, Wholesale & Distribution into the Health Sector, both public and private and we have built 'Ready-to-go' applications for many common business intelligence and analytic functions.

We decided that Covali would be a 'Cloud' company from the beginning - so we have no Server, no network controllers, no on-site database or application software of any kind - with the exception of personal copies of Powerpoint, Word and Excel - and all our business functions would run software as a service (SAAS) packages. We chose Google for email, Hubspot for our website and inbound marketing, Box for our file storage, Zoho for CRM and AccountsIQ as our Financial system. Every system has worked as promised with no downtime, no server issues, no capital outlay, no upgrades and no hassle!

As a software company with customers in the 'Enterprise' category we sought out new technoogies that we believed would have a future in the 'cloud' - that we could adopt through partnerships and add value to our markets. After considerable research we decided on GoodData for Cloud Analytics and NetSuite for Cloud based ERP solutions for the following reasons:-


This is a silicon valley company founded by Roman Stanek that is growing dramatically - and yet to make a big impact in Europe. 

GoodData is the only cloud-based business intelligence platform that enables more than 130,000 global users and 30,000 companies to store, combine, analyze and visualize information. GoodData offers both pre-built applications for Sales, Marketing, Services, and Social, as well as customer-specific implementations to deliver rapid time to value and self-service agility. The GoodData Open Analytics Platform supports both IT’s need for data governance, security and oversight and business users’ desires for self-service data discovery.

All our QlikView Applications transferred with ease to the GoodData platforma and we were also very impressed with the look and feel of this data visualisation platform - it also represents amazing value when we want to store large volumes and make the data available to lots of users.


NetSuite is a leading vendor of cloud computing business management software suites.

NetSuite enables companies of all sizes to manage all key business operations in a single, integrated system, which includes customer relationship management; order management and fulfillment; inventory management; finance; ecommerce and Web site management; and employee productivity. NetSuite is delivered as an on-demand service, so there is no hardware to procure, no large, up-front license fee, and no complex set-ups. Finally, NetSuite’s patent-pending “real-time dashboard” technology provides an easy-to-use view into role-specific business information that is always up-to-date.

As NetSuite is the #1 cloud based ERP vendor, they were an obvious choice for us at Covali. In less than one year we have won many new cutomers with this software suite and because it is cloud based we can implement anywhere in EMEA.

NetSuite is growing at a phenomenal rate and we expect to build a European wide Professional Services company in partnership with them - follow our blog for more updates on this.


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Move your business to the Cloud with Covali


I'm sure that many of you will accept that the cloud offers significant benefits to organisations, and that if you were to start a new business today then the last thing you would do is invest in a range of new software licences and the associated hardware operating systems and database software required to run these applications and then employ IT resources to run all these apps. and keep them maintained, supported and up to date. No, you would take advantage of the offerings that are available today to run your business without the need for any investment in infrastructure, licences or personnel - in other words, cloud applications.  

Covali cloud

''Your Business is always on''

  • Cut IT Costs
  • No more outages
  • First class security
  • Scale up, scale down
  • Safe, offsite backups
  • Only pay for what you use
And if that is true for startups, is it not also true for existing companies that have been growing successfully for many years? Can you move your business over to the cloud, and take advantage of all these factors?

Well obviously I'm going to tell you Yes, it is possible - but more importantly, I'm going to tell you why more and more businesses are going down this road - and I'm going to tell you how Covali can help you get there.

  1. Problems with existing IT setup
    Average downtime with existing systms is 4 times longer than with cloud systems.
    Implementation and upgrade costs are higher with traditional systems
  2. Want the benefits of cloud computing
    The 2011 Cloud Computing survey interviewed 500 IT Professionals to ask them the main benefits of cloud computing - the results were
    61% said Scalability
    54% said Cost Saving
    53% said Easier Management  
  3. Looking to the future
    By 2014 the Cloud Computing industry will increase from $40bn to $240bn, it will have created 14 million jobs and replaced 14% of all IT expenditure. 

We can help by not only moving your key Financial functions to the cloud, but also if you are engaged or thinking about eCommerce then you can add a web portal so that you can promote your goods or services. We can also provide you with a CRM system in the cloud which is fully integrated with the Financial applications. But most importantly - all these applications work of one database which means that when a customer buys something on the website then it is automatically taken from your inventory and properly accounted for in your Financial section.

Our core software solution is NetSuite - the world's number 1 cloud based Business Management software. 

NetSuite is the world's leading provider of cloud-based business management software. NetSuite helps companies manage core business processes with a single, fully integrated system covering ERP/financials, CRM, Ecommerce, inventory and more. 

More than 16,000 high-growth and midsized companies and divisions of large enterprises use NetSuite to run more effectively without the high costs and inefficiency of on-premise systems. By using NetSuite to automate operations, streamline processes and access real-time business information anytime, anywhere, growing businesses realize breakthrough performance improvements. 

As evidence of this global shift to the cloud - in recent days NetSuite have signed two worldwide deals, the first is with Dell, under which NetSuite will be promoted and sold to Dell customers as the solution for their ERP requirements. 

NetSuite and Dell had already partnered around Dell’s Boomi cloud integration technology, and signed off on the expanded agreement a couple of weeks ago, NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson said in an interview prior to Tuesday’s announcement.

The deal has benefits for both companies. NetSuite will gain from Dell’s vast global sales and service organizations, as well as the latter’s specialization in industries such as health care and financial services.

In turn, NetSuite will give Dell an increasingly popular cloud ERP system to sell as it looks to put more enterprise software in its mix of offerings after going private.

While software reseller deals are commonplace in the industry, the arrangement between NetSuite and Dell will operate much like Microsoft’s strategy for its Dynamics ERP product lines.

Like Dynamics partners, Dell will serve as the primary contact for the customer, not NetSuite, even handling billing. Customers will still have access to NetSuite’s support portal and materials, but their general interactions will be with Dell, Nelson said. “At the end of the day, Dell will own those relationships.”

The second is with Deloittes: NetSuite and Deloitte have formed an alliance to provide implementation, finance transformation, change management and a full breadth of consulting services to the market.

"NetSuite's demonstrated/time-tested, customizable solution gives us the platform to answer the growing demand for cloud ERP which we have seen from businesses of all sizes," said Paul Clemmons, principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP and Deloitte's Emerging Technologies Lead. "With Deloitte's change management, industry experience and integration services, our joint customers can rapidly realize the power of the cloud."

NetSuite helps organizations manage core business processes with a single, fully integrated system that covers areas including covering ERP/financials, CRM, ecommerce and inventory. Deloitte brings a deep repertoire of skills and resources in security and privacy, as well as industry processes and insights from both a national and global perspective.


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GoodTip - Using White as a color in GoodData


Color plays a vital role in creating engaging and effective Dashboards. A GoodData project comes with an 18 color palette by default, for use in reports and dashboards. However white is missing. Why does this matter?

GoodData Color Palette

With white, we open up more dashboard design possibilities, as in the example below. The key metrics are emphasised by using white as the report color, and placing the report on top of a different color background layer. It is obvious where our attention should initially focus.

GoodData Dashboard

You can learn how to create custom color palettes for your project on the GoodData Support site here. Here at Covali we start with a 115 color palette, that includes White as the last color.

GoodData Covali Color Palette

Download GoodData Color Palette

If you want to use this palette in your projects, feel free to download it above, no registration required.


GoodTip - As At Dates in GoodData


GoodData provides 3 time macros to filter metrics by floating time periods. These macros are: {This}, {Previous} and {Next}. The example below shows how these Macros are used to give results:

Last 7 Days Revenue:
SELECT Revenue WHERE Date >= {This} – 6

Last Year's Revenue:
SELECT Revenue WHERE Year = {Previous}

The macros work well when data is updated frequently, at least daily. However, when data is updated less frequently (e.g. Weekly) we have a problem. Metrics will appear to change between data loads, even though the data has not. Luckily, an easy-to-implement solution is available. By adding a date attribute to your GoodData Logical Data Model that records the 'As At' Date that the data is loaded up to, you will be able to build metrics that remain static between data loads. An example is shown in the simple retail sales model below.

GoodData Logical Data Model

We have connected an 'As At Date' to our Transaction dataset. Now we can build metrics, equivalent to the metrics above, but where metrics results will not change between data loads:

Last 7 Days Revenue:
SELECT Revenue WHERE Date >= Date(As At Date) – 6

Last Year's Revenue:
SELECT Revenue WHERE Year = Year(As At Date) - 1

The only time these floating time period metrics will change is when new data is loaded to the project. A straightforward solution that avoids confusion amongst Dashboard users.


QlikView – Start an Internal Revolution within Your Organization


Today, businesses are striving to compete, market, and sell. In a recessionary climate, companies need effective business solutions that will help them compete in a competitive marketplace. Business intelligence can enable companies to make effective and insightful business decisions. Get 2014 off to a good start by looking at BI as the way to make your organization reach new heights. 

So what is QlikView?

QlikView is an extremely agile and flexible business intelligence platform that allows you to dynamically extrapolate your data and visualize it in a fashion that is easy for everyone to understand. Effective decision making requires that you have the right information. The key importance of having a business intelligence solution in situ in your company is that it provides you with real-time information so everyone can sing off the same hymn-sheet. I am sure you have gone to meetings many times only to discover that your figures don’t corroborate with your colleagues. Utilizing QlikView will allow you to compete in your sector at a higher level. Gaining deep insight into your business allows it to be propelled forward, as decision-making improves. But to make the most of your data, it requires a business intelligence solution.


How can QlikView benefit your business?

QlikView can help your company to track all of its data by department, job role or division. You will be able to track your company and its position in the marketplace. Check how you are doing against set KPI’s in the marketplace. With Qlikview, you can be sure in the knowledge that you are not missing out on any key business information. In fact, it will help you gain deep knowledge on key areas of your business. Maximising your data to drive insight into your business is critical to success in today’s marketplace. 

Get ahead of the competition by making the most out of your data – with a unique and compelling BI platform that is both intuitive and dynamic.


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Leading Vars in Ireland and UK Join NetSuite Solution Provider Program


Covali Ltd., Ensphere Consulting, and OSSM Cloud Solutions Select NetSuite as a Strategic Cloud Imperative as Demand for Cloud Solutions in EMEA Accelerates

LONDON—4 December, 2013—NetSuite Inc. (NYSE: N), the industry's leading provider of cloud-based financials / ERP and omnichannel commerce software suites, today announced that three new partners have joined the NetSuite Solution Provider Program, in response to the growing need for a modern, scalable, cloud-based business management software suite in the EMEA region. Covali Ltd., Ensphere Consulting Ltd. and OSSM Cloud Solutions, reflect the many ways in which forward-thinking value-added resellers (VARs) are joining the NetSuite ecosystem—adding NetSuite cloud ERP to an existing Sage reseller business. By launching NetSuite cloud practices, Covali, Ensphere and OSSM, are responding to the demand for agile, scalable and flexible cloud-based business software that doesn't demand the upfront costs, ongoing maintenance and lengthy implementations that traditional on-premise systems such as Sage require. These firms can provide consulting and implementation services for NetSuite’s industry-leading cloud ERP, CRM, Ecommerce and professional services automation (PSA) software suites.

"These new partners demonstrate the rapid adoption of cloud solutions in EMEA and their confidence in the future of NetSuite," said John Campbell, Director of Channel Sales EMEA at NetSuite. "We're happy to welcome their many years of experience to the solution provider program and look forward to a long relationship delivering value to their customers and ours."
The new partners joining the NetSuite Solution Provider Program are:

Covali Ltd. (, based in Dublin, Ireland, is launching its ERP practice on NetSuite, bringing its deep experience in analytics and business intelligence (BI) to cloud ERP. With a long history of connecting business people to the data they need with the QlikView and GoodData BI systems, and a focus on the cloud, Covali can now offer businesses the rapid time to value, flexibility and scalability of NetSuite. As one of the first in the market to offer applications that integrate ERP and BI, Covali can provide clients with a cloud-based integrated ERP and BI system. Serving businesses in healthcare, retail, Ecommerce, energy and more in both the UK and in Ireland, Covali is poised to answer growing demand for a cloud-based unified business suite of applications. "We believe the cloud is the future and NetSuite is the leading product in the marketplace," said Noel Shannon, Covali Managing Director. "We are excited to bring our expertise in business software and processes together with NetSuite."

Ensphere Consulting Ltd. (, a Warrington, UK-based reseller of Sage ERP and CRM founded six years ago, turned to NetSuite this year to transition itself into a more cloud-centric, cloud-focused business, expanding on its existing managed service and Sage operations. The last twelve months have shown a growing appetite for NetSuite that the firm was unable to answer until now. Ensphere, with more than 90 customers and a focus on manufacturing, is well-positioned for growth in the UK and aims to provide multinational companies setting up offices in the UK - or UK-based companies growing internationally with the implementation, consulting and integration services to achieve their business goals. "We plan to double our cloud business in the coming year and when we looked at the market there was only one clear winner," said Wayne Nolan, Managing Director at Ensphere. "We needed a product with a global footprint. That product is NetSuite. With NetSuite's solution and our experience, our clients in the region are well positioned to leverage the cloud for success."

OSSM Cloud Solutions (, a Dublin-based company named after the National Institute of Science and Technology's definition of cloud as "On-demand, Scalable, Self-service and Measurable," launched a new NetSuite practice this year. An offshoot of Advent Processing Solutions Ltd., and a Sage solutions reseller for the past 10 years with more than 500 clients, OSSM joined the NetSuite Solution Provider Program to target the upper tier of the midmarket segment. NetSuite's ease of deployment, flexibility and scalability will allow OSSM to offer a modern ERP solution to two of Ireland's burgeoning business sectors—companies focused on international growth and software and services—providing installation, training and services as well as development. "We've seen an evolution in understanding of the cloud in Ireland," said Raymond Ryan, Managing Director of OSSM. "Where once we were explaining it, now people are deploying it. NetSuite is cloud software as it should be, a solution that runs an entire business on one platform. We're eager to bring our experience and client-service credentials together with NetSuite to spread the cloud throughout the region."

Launched in 2002, the NetSuite Solution Provider Program is the industry's leading cloud channel partner program, providing hundreds of channel partners with a cloud solution to offer prospective customers and grow their businesses as well as industry-leading margins and innovative incentive programs, like the NetSuite SP100, which pays partners 100 percent of first year NetSuite sales revenues. With cloud computing at the forefront of the hottest trends and cloud ERP leading the way, channel partners representing on-premise products like Sage and Microsoft Dynamics GP continue to migrate to NetSuite's superior cloud business management suite. Designed to help solution providers transform their business model to fully capitalise on the revenue growth opportunity of the NetSuite cloud, the NetSuite Solution Provider Program delivers unprecedented benefits that begin during recruitment and range from business planning, sales, marketing and professional services enablement, to training and education.

Today, more than 16,000 companies and subsidiaries depend on NetSuite to run complex, mission-critical business processes globally in the cloud. Since its inception in 1998, NetSuite has established itself as the leading provider of enterprise-class cloud financials/ERP suites for divisions of large enterprises and mid-sized organisations seeking to upgrade their antiquated client/server ERP systems. NetSuite excels at streamlining business operations as demonstrated in a recent Gartner study naming NetSuite as the fastest growing financial management software vendor on a global basis. NetSuite continues its success in delivering the best cloud ERP/financials suites to businesses around the world, enabling them to lower IT costs significantly while increasing productivity, as the global adoption of the cloud is accelerating.

Follow NetSuite's Cloud blog, NetSuite's Facebook page and @NetSuite Twitter handle for real-time updates.
For more information about NetSuite, please visit
NOTE: NetSuite and the NetSuite logo are service marks of NetSuite Inc. Third-party trademarks mentioned are the property of their respective owners.

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Covali Delivers Expert GoodData Consulting Services


describe the image

At Covali our core focus is to provide our clients with business intelligence solutions that drive deep insight out of their data. Our cloud BI dashboards are built on the GoodData platform and we are happy to announce that as experts of this innovative and dynamic platform, we are now offering our consulting services to the marketplace. 

GoodData Consulting Services

We can work with organisations of any size that are already using the GoodData platform through to providing new clients with our range of GoodData services.

Our consulting services are in the form of evaluations, validation of concepts, dashboard design, implementation/project timescales, and training. So we offer comprehensive strategic advice from the begining of the project right through to completion.   

GoodData solutions are designed to deploy quickly, so we are confident of providing a rapid and thorough implementation process that combines GoodData's leading platform with best practice domain knowledge and an agile model to speed delivery of GoodData solutions.

So How Can Covali Help You?

We can work on building customized GoodData software solutions depending on your requirements.  We can also offer ‘Out-of-the-Box’ apps, like our Sales and Profitability app, Accounts Receivable app, Accounts Payable app, and more.

We successfully deliver projects on time and on budget, every time. At Covali, we only recruit highly qualified and experienced professionals with deep technical and project management skills. Rest assured, you are in the hands of experts!

No matter your location, we can help you get your GoodData project up and running.  GoodData is not just something that we do – it is a part of everything we do. So please contact the Covali team on +353 1 2939302 or +44 207 5588 029.

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NetSuite & it’s eCommerce Solution: Striking the Balance through Integration



For companies looking to launch an ecommerce website, the one question business leaders want an answer to is what they can expect to achieve in terms of return of investment. This can be a hard question to answer as generating revenue online requires that you have an effective ecommerce strategy in place and an excellent ecommerce platform in situ. Both go hand in hand but the good news is selecting a good ecommerce provider is going to help you achieve this. So how can NetSuite help?

The great thing about NetSuite’s ecommerce offering to the marketplace is that it can be simultaneously aligned with other business processes. This is because they can offer companies the luxury of having complete integration by unifying their ecommerce software with core operational business systems.

How does this work?

Unlike previous ecommerce systems, NetSuite’s ecommerce solution is natively integrated with the systems you use to operate your business — i.e. marketing, financials, merchandising, order management, customer support, inventory and warehousing. As a result of native integration it helps you to adapt more quickly to any changes that may arise in your business. It also helps you to serve your customers better and to use your actual enterprise data to drive merchandising and promotions. This then gives you the opportunity to improve profitability which in turn offers a substantial return on investment. It also helps to reduce your operational costs, increase your customer satisfaction levels and reign in opportunities for growth without spending a fortune integrating your ecommerce software with your backend business systems.

Key Benefits of NetSuite’s Ecommerce Solution

  1. Eliminate costly and error-prone integrations between separate systems with natively unified ecommerce, marketing, merchandising, inventory and order management, customer support and financials. 

  2. Leverage a single data source for reporting on multiple channels and touch-points to improve business agility, visibility and decision-making.

  3. Track and monitor sales, margins, inventory and operational performance.

  4. Drive the right product assortment based upon a range of merchandising options driven by key business data.

  5. Delivers device-optimized online shopping experiences with Suite Commerce's responsive design principles.

  6. Extend your footprint by selling through multiple brands atop a single ecommerce platform tied directly to your operational business systems.

  7. Expand your online business by selling in multiple languages and/or currencies. 

  8. Service any type of customer—small or large, individual (B2C) or business (B2B).

If you are thinking of integrating ecommerce into your business setup, talk to us here at Covali. We will happy to provide you with some key strategic advice. Call us on +353 1 2939302 or +44 207 5588 029.

Explore NetSuite eCommerce

So what is an ERP system?


ERP Systems

According to Wikipedia ERP refers to Enterprise Resource Planning, business management software that a company uses to “manage business processes, including: Product planning and development, Manufacturing, Sales and Marketing, Inventory management, and shipping”. So broadly speaking, it refers to the automation and integration of a company's core business to help them focus on managing their operations effectively.

As well as managing all business operations, an ERP system is essential for keeping on top of a company’s daily and monthly financial transactions. So it is critical for any business looking to implement an ERP solution that the investment made is with a robust and progressive transactions system.

Companies today are often-times in a period of flux so they need to choose an ERP software solution that supports business agility and minimizes business disruption. Selecting the right solution with a flexible architecture is key. It also has to support your business as it grows. The ERP system your company chooses must enable a competitive and agile business strategy. Consider the following points when selecting an ERP system.

Top Tips for Choosing an ERP Software Solution

1. Apart from the initial cost of an ERP system; think about the additional costs of updating the system over its lifetime.

2. Think about the functionality you need, not just now, but also what you may require in the future. Does the ERP system provide it?

3. Find out how the system (and the supplier) keeps up with new regulatory requirements.

4. Make sure you understand how easily the system can adapt to changes in your company i.e. re-organization / restructuring.

6. What level of support and training is available from the supplier?

Effectively managing your business requires astute decision making skills. But more often than not, you need a comprehensive overview of your business in order to make clear business decisions. If you want a single end-to-end system from the same supplier, with consistency, visibility and reliability across your business processes – think NetSuite. NetSuite is a cloud based ERP solution which offers a 360 degree overview of your business. It is an integrated system that includes accounting, CRM, inventory, and ecommerce.

Why NetSuite?


  • It is scalable (faster growth), offers streamlined operations and delivers greater productivity.
  • Provides real-time access to critical business data, anywhere, anytime.
  • Savings on IT cost, and maintenance.
  • Facilitates industry-specific solutions for distribution, manufacturing, retail, software and services.

 To learn more about NetSuite, talk to the ERP experts in Covali on +353 1 2939302.

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